Rohan Nagavardhan


my collection of film, polaroid, digital photography


  • Polaroid Now (acq. ~December 2022)
  • Elikon 35C (acq. ~May 2023)
  • Pentax K1000 (acq. ~January 2024)
  • Canon Prima Super 90 (acq. ~January 2024)
Five soldiers standing in a line with people waving Czech flags in front of them.
An elegant stone statue of an angel holding a cross stands tall against a pale sky. The angel's wings are spread wide, and a seagull is perched on top of the cross. The statue is set on a sturdy pedestal, with a blurred view of trees and a bridge in the background.
A bustling intersection in Rome, Italy, where a traffic officer directs vehicles and pedestrians. Several motorcyclists and a car are seen moving through the crosswalk. The backdrop features a historic building with green shutters and a large clock mounted on its corner, adding to the city's characteristic charm.
A green bottle of Ilsner Urquell beer sits on a concrete wall overlooking a scenic view.
Museum entrance with statues, representing historical architecture and artistry.
A serene coastal scene at sunrise, featuring the rooftops of a small town overlooking the calm sea. The sky is painted with hues of blue and pink as clouds drift overhead. A boat is visible in the distance on the water, and the silhouette of a mountainous coastline frames the right side of the image