Rohan Nagavardhan

I live in Seattle and work @ Stripe. I grew up in Stony Brook and studied at the University of Michigan. (Resume)


  • Running: Recently, I completed the Probility Ann Arbor Half Marathon in 02:32:00. Eventually, one of my goals is complete the SuperHalfs challenge.
  • Bread: I love baking bread (mostly naan, pizza, pasta) from scratch. Making, proofing the dough, and then using my wood fired oven to bring them to life.
  • Entrepreneurship: Built logit, an app to help FitBit users easily count calories coming from online recipes (~50-70 MAU). Also, helped run V1 Startup Fair at UofM in 2022, 2023.
  • Astronomy/Physics: Competed in "Astronomy" in Science Olympiad Division C and ranked 2nd in all of New York. Created a ML algorithm to help astrophysicists find exoplanets in high school.
  • Photography: Mostly 35mm film and Polaroid, check them out here.
  • DevTools: Love building tools to make developers more productive. Built a CLI to help Go programmers build web apps with hot reload.

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